Dubvirus- Tesseract

Dubvirus is a San Francisco based DJ and Producer as well as the man behind the new monthly event in SF called “Resonate” and also the owner of ” Dubvirus Audio” which offers mastering and other audio services.

I hadn’t heard of Dubvirus before his song “Music” came out on An-ten-nae’s compilation Acid Crunk Vol. 4 in 2011.  Since then he has been busy releasing several remixes including one on Stephan Jacobs Mad Era & In The Vortex Remixes.  His music has that easy groove and glitch that many people have abandoned in favor of heavier dubstep beats.  It is refreshing to hear original music coming out of the genre from a new producer.  Listening to his Soundcloud shows that he is into experimentation, which often results in some of the most amazing music out there.  One of my favorites on his Soundcloud is a song called “Belleville Bass” which he describes as Swang Step.  Dubvirus is one to watch as he takes his passion for music and learns and evolves as a producer.

Along with plans for several shows at Burning Man this year, Dubvirus tells me that he will be releasing several remixes on Soundcloud next week to celebrate the release of Tesseract, his debut album out on Muti Music tomorrow, July 9.  Preview Tesseract here.  Buy the album on Addictech.

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