Excision- Shambhala 2010 Mix

Excision has been taking the electronic dance music scene by storm since 2004 when he first discovered EDM at a young age. Shortly after, he founded Rottun Recordings based in Canada, which is responsible for spreading the filthy beats of Subvert, Innasekt, UltraBlack and over a dozen other dubstep artists.  Along with his now legendary series of annual Shambhala mixes, Excision has several singles and EPs out with artists such as DatsiK, DZ, Liquid Stranger, Endophyte, and Subvert.  Excision is one of the most sought after djs in the dubstep festival circuit, with shows around the world continuing through the end of the year.
The release of the Shambhala mix has been highly anticipated, as you can see from a brief glance at his Facebook page. Since the festival ended a month ago, his page gets at least 20 comments a day asking when he is going to put the mix online for download. To the relief of many, the universe has been set right again today with the release of this live mix. Download by copying and pasting this link in a new tab- download window should come up. http://excision.drugged.me/Excision_-_Shambhala_2010_Dubstep_Mix.mp3 Warn your neighbors, because it’s going to get loud and nasty!
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