DJ UMB- Popstep Dub Symphony Vol VI (HippyStep)

DJ UMB (Una Musica Brutal) has been DJing in the UK for the last 6 years and has over 14 commercial releases available and 40 mixtapes of various genres.  You all might know him as the co-editor of the blog, Generation Bass.

This is the sixth mix in the Popstep Dub Symphony series for 2010 and the focus is peace and love- HippyStep baby!!  This mix is full of those deep dubstep beats that rock you to your core mixed with soothing vocals and nostalgic songs from the Summer of Love to the grunge rock scene of Seattle.  This music has gotten into my soul and is still giving me goosebumps with every play.

DJ UMB has woven a masterpiece with this HippyStep mix that I won’t soon forget.

Download Popstep Dub Symphony Vol VI (HippyStep) here!

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