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ill-esha is a DJ and music producer from Canada.  She is one of the founders of the very popular Glitch Hop Forum and a member of the Integrated Grime Unit, a group of Canadian producers and DJs including Glitchy & Scratchy, Dewey dB, and JmeJ.  She recently uprooted and is now immersing herself in the San Francisco music scene.  The community here has embraced her and is enjoying her vibe immensely.  She brings to the stage a female energy that is often missing in electronic music.

ill-esha’s debut album Circadian Rhythms is a collection of unique works complete with the deep basslines of dubstep, the broken and glitched beats of breakbeat and glitch, all laid out on top of melodic patterns of strings and piano.  She has masterfully woven the elements in every bar to create works that are interesting and unlike anything else sitting in the category of genre-bending music that we all love so much but can’t quite pigeonhole.  This is music to listen to in the car, to play while eating dinner, to use to amp up the energy of any kind of party, or to play prime time Friday night when the dance floor is packed.  It is rare to find music that can fit so many situations.  I am looking forward to having ill-esha around the bay area and hearing her musical style as it progresses.

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