Kaminanda- Year of the Golden Tiger

Stephen Kaminanda is a very talented up and comer in the West Coast bass music scene.  Coming from the mossy forests of Vancouver island on the west coast of Canada, Kaminanda’s sound is a mix of lush downtempo textures, tribal rhythms, deep midtempo grooves along with the glitch-hop and dubstep sounds that we all require as a daily staple.  The skillful combination of these makes his newest album Year of the Golden Tiger complicated and sophisticated in a way that surprised me because I hadn’t heard of Kaminanda before.

As it turns out, his album Syntropic Luminosity was released in 2008 and his recent music history includes live guitar sets with Ganga Giri, Adham Shaikh, Rara Avis, Shimshai, remixing Dehli 2 Dublin, and opening for Bluetech, Gaudi, Jef Stott, and Makyo.  Kaminanda’s talent has not gone unnoticed.  Look for him on the festival circuit this summer starting with Lightning in a Bottle on May 27, 2011.

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