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Konekta and Devi Boh are Portland based Free Crush.  Like everyone else on the west coast, Free Crush are fresh from the playa where they bumped their beats through Black Rock City at Camp ? Mark, Ohm Drone, Raw-Safari, Tetris and Home Base.  These two are steadily showing the community that they have a sound like no one else.  Free Crush remixes are full of unique deep and crunky beats that command recognition- they force you to stop what you’re doing to  listen and dance instead of just droning on in the background sounding like just another standard remix.

On Tuesday, Free Crush will drop their first album “Rollin’ Deep” exclusively on Beatport.  To celebrate the upcoming release, Konekta gave us 26 remixes and originals to give away to our readers!!

Grab the downloads here!

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