MiHKAL- Snuglife Mixtape

MiHKAL is an Oakland based shamanic crunkster whose ceremonial approach to music has been getting attention from bassheads around the world.  Though he has not released an official album, he has been DJing and remixing since 2008 and has played at huge parties alongside his homies Mimosa, Heyoka, Sleepyhead, Knowa Knowone, Kitty D, NastyNasty, GladKill, ChrisB, An-ten-nae, Bassnectar, R/D, EPROM, Joker, Marty Party & PANTyRAiD.  MiHKAL is on the same level as every one of these artists.  His DJ skills truly move me.

Snuglife is full of soothing female vocals, emotional instrumentals, heavy bass, and crunk vocal samples.  He knows how to weave these different styles together in a way that I rarely hear to create an amazing dance floor experience that moves your body and your spirit.  It is no surprise to me that Beat Church keeps him as a resident shamanic DJ.  I expect him to release some music this year, but until then, he has several mixes available on his Soundcloud. You can DOWNLOAD Snuglife HERE (right click, save as)
Be sure to attend Beat Church to praise the bass music gods and dance yourself to a higher place under MiHKAL’s beats.

Find MiHKAL on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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    Donate to help Mihkal replace his stolen gear at https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=164071423653727


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