Pretty Lights EP #2- Spilling Over Every Side

I am pleased to announce the arrival of my music blog, BeGlitched!!  I have been posting links to songs and new music for ages now on facebook but I am interested in something dedicated specifically to music that can be browsed easily as time goes on.

My name is LightChild, and I am a junkie for the West Coast electronic sound.  There is a music scene here that is radiantly ALIVE!  You can hear its heartbeat in the thump of the bass.  That is the constant- everything is built around the bass.  Sometimes it beats at 140, sometimes it slows down to 80.  You might hear horns, hip-hop samples, violins, or Pee-Wee Herman soundbites- it is a genuine free-for-all-anything-goes genre.  You never know what you might hear, but it always SOUNDS good!

Today, I want to direct everyone’s attention to Pretty Lights.  The Colorado electronic duo consisting of Derek Smith on production and Michal Menert on drums (when performing live, Adam Deitch is the drummer) have released their second in the installment of 3 EPs this year.  Spilling Over Every Side delivers the goods in typical Pretty Lights fashion.  The second song on the EP “Hot Like Dimes” has some hot glitchy beats and “Look Both Ways” has such a nice groove that I’m dancing in my seat as I type!  The musical journey on this EP is a complete one that takes you from calm, to excited, to wild living room dancing, to euphoric and introspective!  It is a journey that is not to be missed!

Download Spilling Over Every Side and any of the other albums in Pretty Lights massive discography for FREE by following the link below:

Spilling Over Every Side- Pretty Lights