Random Rab

Random Rab is considered by many to be “The Master of Emotion” because of the soulful sound he brings to his west coast beats.  His style is hard to categorize into one single genre- from sounds of instruments from the middle east, to beautiful piano melodies and chilling vocals often sung by Rab himself, to deep bass beats from the west coast- Rab is in a category of his own.  He is best known for his sunrise sets at festivals around the world including Burning Man, Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, and almost any other festival you can think of.  When the sun is getting ready to rise to greet the fading night, Rab’s beats are playing somewhere, soothing the hearts and souls of everyone who can hear.  The sound of his music makes a passion well up in my heart- a joy bubbling through my being that feels and sounds so beautiful that it often brings me to tears.

To celebrate the launch of his new website, Rab is giving away three of his albums for free!!  These albums are all incredible works of art that will always be my favorites.  Make sure you grab these albums while they are free on his site at http://randomrab.net
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