Stephan Jacobs- In The Vortex EP

Stephan Jacobs has been one of my favorite producers since I first heard him because of his unique style of crossing genres, combining elements of breakbeat, dubstep, and glitch-hop and often working in sultry female vocals.  His sound is catching a lot of attention in the club scene as well on the online music scene- his songs skyrocket to the top of Soundcloud charts within hours of being uploaded.

New and old fans alike will be happy with In the Vortex EP where we hear the distinct sounds of Stephan Jacobs in a state even more evolved and complex than his several releases of 2010- Stephan has a way with bass! His countless hours spent in the studio perfecting his sound are apparent with each release showing Stephan reaching further into his artistic vision to create new musical beauty.  I am happy to hear a release that sounds like it is made for musics sake and not just for the sake of gaining dancefloor play.  It will get the dancefloor play but it will make people dance from the soul where the music was born from.  This soulful nature is what makes Stephan Jacobs music stand out to me.  If you can’t tell- I love this release!  In the Vortex EP immediately makes my list of top releases of 2011.

Grab In the Vortex EP here as a Simplify Recordings Beatport exclusive now!

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