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Random Rab


Random Rab is considered by many to be “The Master of Emotion” because of the soulful sound he brings to his west coast beats.  His style is hard to categorize into one single genre- from sounds of instruments from the middle east, to beautiful piano melodies and chilling vocals often sung by Rab himself, to […]

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2010-Mixtapes of the Year


I am a big fan of DJ mixes so I wanted to mention some of the best mixes of 2010. When I first heard “Speaker Bump vol.1” by Indaskyes, I was blown away and scoured the internet to find out who this DJ was and why I hadn’t heard of him.  His name made me […]

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ill-esha-Circadian Rhythms


ill-esha is a DJ and music producer from Canada.  She is one of the founders of the very popular Glitch Hop Forum and a member of the Integrated Grime Unit, a group of Canadian producers and DJs including Glitchy & Scratchy, Dewey dB, and JmeJ.  She recently uprooted and is now immersing herself in the […]

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Kraddy-Labyrinth EP


Kraddy is one of the people responsible for shaping the west coast bass music scene. Glitch music has been around since the 90s, but it wasn’t until artists like Kraddy came along and started hitting the underground hard with glitched up electronic beats that it really started to spread and grow into the massive scene […]

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Crunk in Public- Rasta Ferrari EP

Screen shot 2010-10-17 at 7.12.20 AM

Crunk in Public is BassObese and RaSoul of Ashland, Oregon.  The duo has been mashing and remixing top 40, hip-hop and rap with the fat bass since early this year and the dancefloors have loved it from the very beginning.  Their mashups take these songs that most DJs let sit on the shelf collecting dust […]

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