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Excision- Shambhala 2010 Mix


Excision has been taking the electronic dance music scene by storm since 2004 when he first discovered EDM at a young age. Shortly after, he founded Rottun Recordings based in Canada, which is responsible for spreading the filthy beats of Subvert, Innasekt, UltraBlack and over a dozen other dubstep artists.  Along with his now legendary […]

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Subvert- Shambhala Mix 2010: J’aime Le Dubstep no70


Dubstep is a broad genre encompassing a vast variety of music.  Canadian dubstep has a much different feel than dubstep from the UK, and these are different from the different sounds falling into the category that are being made in Colorado and California.  The one thing that links all of these together is the throbbing, […]

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