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Heyoka- Mandelbass

Screen shot 2011-01-31 at 6.46.46 PM

Heyoka is the master of glitching and tweaking the sounds of alien gibberish… Alien step! Heyoka is a pioneer in the west coast music scene and is a regular at summer festivals such as Burning Man, Harmony Festival and Lightning in a Bottle. DJs, producers, and listeners all hang on his every last bass drop […]

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EPROM- Bay Area EP

Screen shot 2010-09-29 at 6.25.52 PM

How much really needs to be said about EPROM?  We all know him and we all love him.  The Bay area lazer blap producer has been tearing up  dance floors with cutting edge beats for as long as I can remember.  He just released his 2010 mixtape, Robot Sex Tape and got thousands of downloads […]

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Lightning in Your Ear

Lightning in a Bottle 2010 - The Do LaB Presents Lightning in Your Ear - cover

Lightning in a Bottle is a festival that takes place annually In Irvine, California in May or early June to kick off the festival season. The festival features big name West Coast “dubstep” performers and DJs such as Heyoka, The Glitch Mob, Rena Jones, Beats Antique, Random Rab, Vibesquad, and the list goes on and […]

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Signal Path- Imaginary Lines

Ryan Burnett and Damon Metzner of Signal Path released another free album yesterday on Bandcamp! The pair from Montana have spent close to a decade refining their live jam band style of music mixed with complex layers of beats and electronic sounds, making it distinctly Signal Path. Imaginary Lines is a masterpiece unlike any other. […]

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Sugarpill-Flow Goggles EP

Evan Sugarpill is a rising star in the bass music scene. He released an amazing mixtape last year on Chrome Kids called Suck on this Whompsticle featuring artists such as Mochipet, Rustie, Eprom, The Glitch Mob, Daddy Kev, and Lazer Sword. This year, Sugarpill released a remix on Mochipet’s Master P on Atari Transformed Vol. […]

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