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2010-Mixtapes of the Year


I am a big fan of DJ mixes so I wanted to mention some of the best mixes of 2010. When I first heard “Speaker Bump vol.1” by Indaskyes, I was blown away and scoured the internet to find out who this DJ was and why I hadn’t heard of him.  His name made me […]

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MiHKAL- Snuglife Mixtape


MiHKAL is an Oakland based shamanic crunkster whose ceremonial approach to music has been getting attention from bassheads around the world.  Though he has not released an official album, he has been DJing and remixing since 2008 and has played at huge parties alongside his homies Mimosa, Heyoka, Sleepyhead, Knowa Knowone, Kitty D, NastyNasty, GladKill, […]

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Stephan Jacobs & Sugarpill- Level Attack


Stephan Jacobs & Sugarpill have been working together on songs this year like a couple of crazed music scientists.  Both reside in LA and play there regularly and they are both starting to tour around the US for gigs.  You can also find them on Glitch.fm for the Polybeat Plant show on Tuesdays at 6pm […]

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Stephan Jacobs- All Original Mix 2011


Stephan Jacobs has quickly risen to the top of the Southern California glitch-hop bass music scene with his massive remixes that pack any dancefloor in seconds, combined with his huge arsenal of original material that grows with each day.  He is a dedicated producer who spends more time working on music than most people are […]

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ill-esha-Circadian Rhythms


ill-esha is a DJ and music producer from Canada.  She is one of the founders of the very popular Glitch Hop Forum and a member of the Integrated Grime Unit, a group of Canadian producers and DJs including Glitchy & Scratchy, Dewey dB, and JmeJ.  She recently uprooted and is now immersing herself in the […]

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