Konekta- BeGlitched Exclusive Mix!

Konekta is a Portland based producer and DJ who makes up half of Free Crush- the other half is his lovely fiancee Devi Gilbert… isn’t that adorable?!  He is a favorite here at BeGlitched and you may remember him from the picks for Mixtape of the Year in 2010.  Every time I get my paws on a Konekta song or mix, it stays in rotation for ages and always sounds fresh no matter how many times I’ve heard it.  He has shared the stage up and down the west coast with EPROM, S.P.E.C.T.R.E., 6Blocc, Mochi-Pet, SPL, Kitty-D, Bird of Prey, and Bassobese to name a few.  His hyphy glitched up lazer laden remixes always make the dance floor bounce and his original tunes are mastered perfectly- every element shines through at the right time.  With several new originals and remixes coming out on some of today’s hottest labels including Daly City Records, MalLabel Music, Street Ritual and Gruntworthy, Konekta is definitely one to keep your eye on in 2011!

Konekta gave us a remix of Spekt1’s Krump Soldierz… DOWNLOAD HERE! (right click-save as)

We also have a BeGlitched exclusive Konekta mix for you…  DOWNLOAD HERE!


Cali Swag District – Teach Me How To Dougie (Free Crush Remix)
Beeda Weeda – You Aint Scarin Nuthin (Konekta Refix)
Big Boi – You Ain’t No DJ feat. Yelawolf (Konekta Refix)
T.I. – Swing Ya Rag Konekta Re-Edit
Konekta – Ready Or Not
Konekta – Ready Or Not VIP
Pearl Jam – Dirty Frank (Konekta Remix)
Konekta – What What vs. Whatcha Got
Spekt1 – Krump Soldierz (Konekta Remix)
Samples – PSA (Konekta Remix)
Samples – Drop Bombs (Konekta Remix)
Ro Knew – Guilty As Charged featuring I-Deal (Konekta Remix)
Free Crush – Ample Transition
Free Crush – Guilty Pleasures
Konekta – Ascend into Twilight
Konekta – Sailing By
Samples – Return to Atlantis (Konekta Remix)
Konekta – Trash Worthy vs. The Pharcyde
Nasty Nasty – Bombshelter (Konekta Bootleg)
Konekta – Projects VIP vs. Dem Franchize Boys
E-40 – I Gets Down (Konekta refix)
Konekta – Doors Open
Konekta – ?????
Konekta – Dirty Canter
Samples – Viricapnity (Konekta Remix) vs. Hurricane Chris
Konekta – Slip Slop vs. Ro Knew – Get Ya Mind Right

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