Knight Riderz- 12th Dimension

As any genre grows the music lover has to sift through more and more mediocre music to get to the tunes that really stand out and give you that rush of experiencing something that is unlike any other music you have heard before.  It is up to the artist to consistently push their boundaries by not relying on formulas that have worked in the past.  Once they push past that familiar territory and enter into the unknown, that is where the magic happens- all things are possible and amazing music is made from the willingness to experiment.

The Canadian duo known as Knight Riderz have a new album out on Muti called 12th Dimension.  It only takes one listen before it is obvious that these guys are familiar with this creative magic.  Every song on the album has a dreamy quality starting with the title track- a symphony of lazers and bass, moving into glitchy hip-hop beats with “Reign in the Clouds”, “Multidimensional Being”, “Synthetic Seduction”, “Brain Explosion”, and ending with an ethereal sounding sentiment with “Collective Consciousness”.  These rhythms have complex layers that tell many stories at once and can relate to each persons unique experience.  In the 12 dimensions of consciousness, the 12th dimension is when we return to Source and resonate in unison with the physical form of our Local Universe. We are whole.

12th Dimension is out on Muti Music June 10 and can be found on Addictech.

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