MiHKAL is Oakland based DJ Michael Anderson.  His last mixtape Snuglife was the last mix in my library to get 5 stars and nothing has come close to replacing that mix since he released it in December.  That is, until now.

I get new music everyday and a lot of it is very exciting and interesting, but something really has to be outstanding to catch and HOLD my attention.  It has been 3 weeks since this mix was released, and not a day goes by that I don’t listen to it.  The tracklist is fresh, his mixing is flawless, and the vibe is uplifting and energetic, something we have come to expect from MiHKAL after years of consistently solid DJ mixes.

Grab this mix here.
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Emancipator – First Snow (Ooah Remix) – (1320 Records)
Simplex – Theia – (Soundcloud)
R/D – Your Misty Eyes Are M.I.N.E – (The Designed Disorder)
Deathstar – Seismic – (Soundcloud)
Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Maps (Sugarpill’s TehSlideBass Remix) – (SoundCloud)
ill-Esha – Cherry Blossoms – (True Score Theory)
Hanssen Ft. Chadwick – Rising sun (Splatinum Remix) – (Dubstep Records)
Pillow Fight – Hand on the Steel – (Prime Dub Records)
Minnesota – Push it – (Tycho Records)
Phetsta – Dance All Night – (Technique Recordings)
Stephan Jacobs & Love & Light – The One ft. Delvo – (Muti Music)
DCarls – Runaway – (Simplify Recordings)
Ben Samples – Drop Bombs (ChrisB Remix) – (Daly City Records)
Unlimited Gravity – THose Little THings – (Bandcamp)
Slim THugz – Fistful of Dollaz ft. Yound Joc – (Bandcamp)
Ghetto Sexuual – Planetary Two Step – (Abstract Logic Recordings)
ChrisB & David Block – In The Name of – (Simplify Recordings)
Sugarpill – Delirious – (Simplify Recordings)
Guttstar – Hot Mess – (Soundcloud)
Gladkill – Out of Your Comfort – (Made in Glitch)


The song that always gets me at around 21:00 after Sugarpill’s remix of “Maps” is “Cherry Blossoms” by the incredibly talented vocalist and producer ill-esha.  She is a newly transplanted Canadian now living in San Francisco, so make sure to catch one of her live sets when you are in the area.  Check out the single on Beatport and her new album Reverie is out now on Muti.