Woofer Cookers- Wildlife Reserve EP (Dewey dB, Love & Light, Bevvy Swift, J.Me.J, Vudutron)

Canada is home to many amazing DJs and producers- Dewey dB and the crew at Woofer Cookers are some of the rowdiest in the pack.

The Wildlife Reserve EP is interesting and fresh- its not more of the same ole dubstep/glitch-hop blah blah boring stuff.  These beats are HEAVY!  The first song is mellow and makes you think these animals are going to be nice and cuddly and chill to be around.  Sneaky.  The next four songs are anything but chill, and if they are any indication of what Canadian Wildlife Reserves are like you can sign me up!  These songs are massive, which we have all come to expect from J.Me.J, Dewey dB, and Love & Light. Each of these producers knows exactly what they want to do and how to do it. The beats are heavy, complex, and unique- each song feels like an adventure.  To end the EP, Bevvy Swift comes along and soothes your ravaged ears with a little “Wombat’s Lullabye”. Strangely, it works… I love these tunes!

Grab the album on Woofer Cookers now- That’s a direct order!  Do it now!

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