PANTyRAiD- Superior EP

Marty Party and Ooah are both huge names in the glitch and bass music scene and in late 2008, on top of Marty’s solo projects, Ooah’s work with The Glitch Mob and other various collaborations, they joined forces to create PANTyRAiD.  Their mixtape released in the spring of 2009 was a HUGE success with its deep basslines and glitched up crunky vocals.  People were all hyped up on PANTyRAiD and they spent months on message boards, Twitter, and Facebook  begging for them to release an album.  It didn’t hurt their popularity that Mary Anne Hobbs was all about the PANTyRAiD.

They gave us a taste of the album by releasing the single “Beba” and the b-side “Get The Money” in May of 2009 on Adam Freeland’s label Marine Parade.  “Beba” was a huge hit and only fueled the cries for a full length album, which finally came in September of 2009 also on Marine Parade.  The Sauce is still Marine Parades’ top selling album, but despite its sexy album cover and all the hype, many fans felt it was a let down.  It was quite different than the mixtape that people had been listening to for a year.  The crunky hip hop vocals were missing and so was much of that heavy dance floor hype that had made the mixtape such a huge hit.  None of this means that The Sauce wasn’t a great album- it is a great piece of art, but many people were expecting something different.  After waiting for so long, it was a huge letdown for those people who couldn’t accept the album for what it was- a deep soulful expression of Ooah and Marty’s musical vision at that time.  Both of them were looking to do something different than they were currently doing musically, and The Sauce was the result.

Both Ooah and Marty are still very busy with their other projects, but they found time to come together and create The Superior EP which was released this week.  This EP is 4 songs that “represent the four flavors of the dance floor inspired by the big bass sound of a PANTyRAiD.”  This EP was specifically made for the dance floor, which can lead one to the conclusion that Marty and Ooah listened to the criticism of The Sauce and tried to make something that their loyal fans would like.

Let’s just indulge my fantasy that people actually read the stuff that is written here and want to know what my personal opinion and feelings on a subject are.  I have some stuff on my mind and it isn’t directed at any one person.  It is just all of the little things that continually add up and make me say, I can’t stand this anymore!  I am so sick of people being negative about EVERYTHING.  If you don’t like a release, find an album you do like and talk about what you like about it instead of talking about why you don’t like an album.  The problem with this bass music scene is that there are too many hipsters in it and we all know that hipsters don’t like to admit that they like anything that is popular, even if they were the ones who made it popular.  They want to be the sole owners of this unique style of music that we have all grown to love and now that it is getting more popular, they need to separate themselves from that which they think is too mainstream.  But at the same time, while trying to distance themselves from the “mainstream” they are unwilling to accept change.

An artist does what they do for the sake of art, but there is always that need to make a living.  People start having to consider those who view their art if they want to be able to continue to sell it.  If nobody wants to buy your art, then you either have to be poor, or you have to figure out a way to compromise by giving the people what they want while also maintaining your artistic vision.  Along with needing to make money, it is human nature to try to please people.  I don’t know anybody who wants to constantly hear their fans complain about how much their art sucks.  The goal of the person DJing or producing music is to give the fans music that they like.  They actually WANT people to like their music, along with wanting to express themselves artistically.  This is the part where the hipster says that the artist is now a sellout.  Hey hipster!  Guess what?  It’s actually none of your business.  Just because you helped to make something popular doesn’t mean you ever had any ownership of it.

Marty and Ooah respect their fans and listened to feedback on The Sauce and gave us four dance floor bangers with The Superior EP.  These songs will get a party moving and will most likely make a lot of those fans who were disappointed with The Sauce very happy.  Does that mean PANTyRAiD now deserves to be called sellouts?  No.  It means they put out another release that is going to be a best seller just like the first one.  If you happen to dislike it, don’t worry.  I’m sure there is something out there that you will like.  Everything is going to be ok.

Oh I hope people will still read my blog even though I got mad… Oh gosh, what did I do?!!

It’s just music, people… buy it, listen to it, be happy.

Grab The Superior EP here!

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