Knowa Knowone- Sound Paintings

Knowa Knowone has been releasing music on Muti and his label Street Ritual for several years.  Knowa is a pioneer in the west coast bass and glitch music community.  His early release with Sleepyhead as Knowsleep was released in 2008 when there were few musicians making glitch music and “dubstep” was just starting to catch on in the states.  Along with artists such as Heyoka, Mimosa, The Glitch Mob, Vibesquad, and Eprom, Knowa Knowone was creating music that defined and created the glitch-hop genre.

Knowa’s music combines traditional midtempo and breakbeat with deep bass, glitchy sounds, and ethnic rhythms to create a sound that stands out as uniquely Knowa Knowone.  Sound Paintings showcases his progression as an artist and his work shines brightly in the glitch-hop gallery.  5 original songs make up Sound Paintings along with Quade’s remix of “The Quari” and three versions of “Ra (the sun)”, which is my favorite song on the album.

“Ra (the sun)” started out as Knowa’s glitch-hop symphony years ago and has never been released until now.  I heard it while attending one of Knowa’s Ableton workshops and I have not stopped asking him about it since then.  “Ra (the sun)” is a symphony of strings within layers of glitch-hop beats and conscious hip-hop vocals.  It brings about the swelling of the heart signifying joy and delight that humans have the ability to create such beauty.  Knowa Knowone will never disappoint you with his musical offerings.

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