Random Rab- Visurreal

Random Rab is a San Francisco based electronic music producer and DJ who has steadily over the years become known as the King of the Sunrise.  Rab often plays the 4-6AM slot at festivals and Burning Man because of his ability to keep the energy uplifting and energized, while also evoking deep and contemplative emotions at the time of the party when the sun is coming up and people are starting to chill and reflect on the intensity of the night and existence in general.  Rab’s music goes straight into your head into your soul, then reflects back out into your chest like the entire rising sun has taken up residence inside of your heart and it is beaming so much light that you feel like you might explode with joy.  The movement that comes from the music is pure and unrestricted- there is no way to hold back.  There is no reason to hold back because it is clear that this beautiful music is born of a purity of heart and that all things have the potential to be so pure.  As the music works it’s magic, the defenses that we build around our hearts to protect ourselves from the possibility of hurt are immediately dropped and we recognize the simplicity of being and the oneness of love.

Visurreal is Random Rab’s fourth full length release and is his best work to date, complete with signature Rab midtempo breaks, luscious strings, catchy melodies and some of the best vocals I have heard on an electronic music album.  Rab is one of the few producers who uses his own vocals on his albums, as well as vocals from Rigzin Tromge, Eve Ladyapples, Rodleen Getsie, Katie Gray, Sasha Rose, and Alina.  I usually don’t mention everyone in the credits but I want to make sure to take a moment to recognize everyone involved in one of the best albums of the year.  Guest musical appearances from David Block, Ilya Goldberg, Sidecar Tommy, Mike Maffei, and Cedar Miller.  The album was mastered by Alex Oropeza from Obscura Digital, and album artwork by the one and only Andrew Jones.

Visurreal has gotten into my soul and I feel like it has changed me to the core.  It sounds strange to say that an album could change the world, but if it’s possible, this album has got what it takes.  Give it a listen and you will agree.

Random Rab is releasing the single “I Alone” for free available HERE.

Grab Visurreal HERE.

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