indaskyes- “If Only…”

Photo by: AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis

indaskyes is a budding DJ and Producer from San Jose and was featured on BeGlitched for “Speaker Bump Vol. 1” mixtape as one of our favorite mixtapes of the year.  This is pretty impressive considering he had only played one other gig when that mixtape was recorded.  Since then, he has started to focus more on music and reach out to other producers and DJs to get himself out there in the music scene as a DJ.

indaskyes has uploaded several remixes to Soundcloud including his latest, his musical addition to the acappella by Gizella called “If Only”.  His inspiration was the repeating phrase “If only we could change the world”.  While protests and revolutions are happening in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East, Indaskyes was motivated to make this track in hopes that “whoever ends up running the show doesn’t just talk freedom but actually delivers the openness and reforms that people everywhere are so hungry for.”

indaskyes is one to watch in 2011!  Grab the song “If Only” HERE.
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