Heyoka- Mandelbass

Heyoka is the master of glitching and tweaking the sounds of alien gibberish… Alien step!  Heyoka is a pioneer in the west coast music scene and is a regular at summer festivals such as Burning Man, Harmony Festival and Lightning in a Bottle.  DJs, producers, and listeners all hang on his every last bass drop because of his unique style that is constantly evolving and pushing the genre forward.

Mandlebass is the fourth full length album released since Heyoka’s first EP Space Case came out in 2008.  The album is named after mathematician and ‘creator’ of fractals Benoit B. Mandelbrot.  When listening to any of Heyoka’s albums or mixes, one gets the feeling of flowing endlessly like a fractal- one thing morphing into the next constantly changing.  The songs contain funky honky tonk piano, breaks, blues, 1960’s garage influences, as well as that deep chest rattling, “neighbor-is-about-to-call-the-cops-because-her-china-keeps-falling-of-the-shelf” bass.  Heyoka has broken all of the molds and created some really interesting songs that are sure to thrill old and new fans alike!

The album is out now on Muti Music as an Addictech exclusive- grab Mandlebass here!

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